Global Pest and Disease Database

Global Pest and Disease Database
About the GPDD:
The Global Pest and Disease Database (GPDD) is a plant pest information archive designed to support PPQ programs. The database incorporates information and references from a wide range of sources into a single repository of data pertaining to pest taxonomy, identification, biology, distribution, hosts, known impact, detection and control of potentially invasive plant pests. The database currently contains information for over 5300 plant pests of concern to PPQ.
Ethics statement:
This access offer is intended for APHIS and DHS employees and APHIS cooperators only. The GPDD contains some sensitive information which is not for public distribution, and access is therefore restricted, requiring a username and password. Submittal of this form implies that the user consents to restrictions, implied or explicit, regarding distribution of database content or sharing of passwords, and conforms to security conventions outlined in APHIS IT Security Awareness training.

NOTE: APHIS employees who are granted GPDD access are not to distribute information from the database unless it is from a referenced public source.